GPLv3: The Public Process

Ciarán O'Riordan

Free Software Foundation Europe


Who am I?

What I will cover

Why is the process interesting

Why this is important?

Not for lawyers

Why now?

The process, in theory

The process, in detail: 1

The process, in detail: 2

In reality: 1

In reality: 2

In reality: 3


Why is this harmful? - individual

Why is this harmful? - sustainability

Tivoisation: The Controversy

Tivoisation: The Compromise

Gone: Patent retaliation

Gone: Licence compatibility

Note #1: Novell

Note #2: Relicensing projects

Note #3: SaaS

Could it be shorter?

GPLv3 Timeline

Today: EU Legislation

Today: Software patents

Today: IPRED2